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The Mad Scientists' Club

As a team, we inject science with boundless fun!

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Shubhasis Haldar

Principal Investigator

I am interested in developing single-molecule technologies to understand intricate biological problems

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Soham Chakraborty

PhD Student, Biology

I am interested in understanding talin mechanosensitivity and its regulation under different cellular processes

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Souradeep Banerjee

PhD Student, Biology

I try to understand the maintenance of structural integrity in mechanosensitive proteins

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Deep Chaudhuri

PhD Student, Chemistry

I aim to decipher the mechanical activity of chaperones under single-molecule resolution

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Debojyoti Bhaiya New Photo 2.jpg

Debojyoti Chowdhury

PhD Student, Biochemistry

I am interested in understanding the role of mechanochemical signalling in brain development and disorders

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Debashruti Maity

PhD Student, Biochemistry

I want to study how epigenetic regulations in stem cells can be manipulated from a mechanobiological perspective for therapeutic purposes.

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Tapamita Mitra

Project Assistant, Biology

I am interested in studying the mechanical behavior of focal adhesion proteins.

Recent Interns


Pallav Baraya

Developmental mechanobiology


Souptik Ghosh


Former Members

Madhu Didi_edited.jpg
Ayush Mistry

Worked on pan-cancer, mechanobiology study -;

Single-molecule review, and chemical chaperones -

Madhu Bhatt
Dr. Sukhamoy Dhabal

Shashwat Goyal

Masters in Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Worked on single-molecule technologies -

Abhijit Sreepada

Erasmus International Master in Innovative Medicine Program

Germany and Netherlands

Worked on single-molecule technologies -

Ritika Nara

PhD, Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Worked on autoimmune disorders -

Aakashdeep Dutta
Vihan Singh

Devshuvam Banerji

Uppsala University, Sweden

Worked on single-molecule technologies -

Yajushi Khurana

PhD, Computational Biology

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Worked on single-molecule technologies -

Manasven Raina

MEME Master's Programme

Uppsala University, LMU (Germany), and University of Montpellier (France)

Worked on focal adhesions - 10.1021/acs.biochem.9b00442

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