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The Structural Mechanobiology Lab

Broad Research Approaches & Questions

Welcome to the Structural Mechanobiology Lab, where the fusion of scientific curiosity and technological innovation drives us to unravel the significance of force-regulated biological phenomena. Understanding these intricate processes is crucial, as they play a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of various pathophysiological conditions. By focusing on force-regulated biological events, we aim to decipher the underlying mechanisms that govern cellular responses, paving the way for advancements in health and medicine. We venture into cellular processes at unprecedented scales, ranging from nanometers to angstroms. This nanoscopic perspective allows us to gain insights into the subtle yet impactful forces that orchestrate the behavior of biological systems.
What sets us apart is our groundbreaking tool—the Covalent Magnetic Tweezers, the first of its kind in India. This innovative technology revolutionizes our ability to study molecular forces, enabling us to unlock new dimensions in structural mechanobiology. Within our collaborative space, we seamlessly integrate traditional cell biology with state-of-the-art nanoscopy. But our journey doesn't stop there—beyond these conventional approaches, we employ machine learning and advanced computational biology techniques, making our lab a true hub of multidisciplinary exploration.


Mechanically regulated chaperoning activity


Focal adhesion mediated cellular mechanobiology


Developmental Mechanobiology


Therapeutic regulation of protein mechanics

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