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The Structural Mechanobiology Lab

Broad Research Approaches & Questions

To uncover interesting biological phenomena, we work at the interface of physics, chemistry, and biology. Our lab aims to unpack mechanically regulated complex biological phenomena, ranging from force sensor focal adhesion proteins and chaperone biology to neurodegenerative pathologies and cancer. 

We consistently employ a range of cutting edge single-molecule techniques like the covalent magnetic tweezers, fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy along with advanced computational models based on classical as well as quantum mechanics. In addition, we are increasingly incorporating in vitro and in vivo experimental models, expanding our expertise to both 2-D and 3-D cell culture set-ups.

We are also dedicated to the continuous advancement of these techniques using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other physical tools.

Chaperone Biology


Focal adhesion-mediated cellular processes


Developmental Mechanobiology and its Intersection with Cancer

Role of Small Molecule Drugs and Micro-environment in Regulating Protein Mechanical Properties

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